About the Company

The Institute for Certified Gaming Professionals, also known as ICGIP, was founded to coordinate casino industry efforts and ensure compliance and operational competencies with subject matters such as Anti-Money Laundering.

The gaming industry faces a unique challenge from an AML perspective, and this program will help ensure that casino personnel have the core competencies necessary to address these money laundering issues. ICGIP applicants will have the option to become Certified as a Casino Industry Anti-Money Laundering Professionals.

The ICGIP AML Professional Development Program and Committee oversees and promotes BSA/AML education and professional development specifically for the gaming industry.

The Committee seeks to create and promote standards and best practices for compliance professionals through the certification program. By enhancing the knowledge, experience, and professionalism of compliance professionals, the overall program will expose the need to improve compliance officers’ compensation, authority and staffing support in the gaming industry so that they are comparable to other financial institutions’ compliance professionals.