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Casino Essentials, the leading online learning and professional educational provider for casinos in North America, founded the Institute for Certified Gaming Professionals, also known as ICGIP. ICGIP will coordinate casino industry efforts to ensure compliance and operational competencies with subject matters such as Anti-Money Laundering.

ICGIP Committee members are committed to enhancing BSA/AML education and professionalism among compliance professionals by increasing their knowledge of fraud, money laundering and terrorism financing in the gaming industry.

The Committee seeks to create standards and best practices for compliance professionals through the certification program. Using their deep knowledge and experience in the gaming industry and Anti-Money Laundering laws and regulations, the Committee members will help to promote best practices and industry standards for other gaming professionals. By improving the knowledge, experience, and professionalism of compliance professionals, the Committee will work to improve compensation and staffing levels in the gaming industry so they are comparable to other financial services professionals.



First in a series of Gaming-specific professional development programs offered by ICGIP is the Anti-Money Laundering training development program, which consists of a comprehensive curriculum that addresses every fundamental requirement of Title 31 for Casinos.

Taking into account the 24/7 environment of the gaming industry, the AML program will be self-paced and available on-demand. Individuals accepted into the program will have access to course content in a virtual classroom for one year, monthly mentoring by Subject Matter Experts in the gaming industry, exclusive quarterly webinars and online checkups, earn a first-of-its kind gaming industry specific AML Certificate of Completion, and qualify to take the AML examination for certification.